About Me

My name is Trevor Wysocki and I am a 2L at Fordham University School of Law. Prior to attending law school, I spent four years working in advertising technology. There, I worked closely with the in-house counsel that specialized in reviewing and advising on the legal implications of the technology platform we were developing for our advertising clients.

In this blog, my prior work experience in the technology sector will be used to help answer the question:  how has the pervasive use of technology in our everyday lives changed the responsibility of lawyers to their clients?  As a fiduciary, Lawyers have a duty to safeguard confidential client information.  In the past, this simply meant protecting hard-copies of documents containing confidential client information.  In the future, lawyers may need to be sufficiently technologically proficient so as to ensure that client information sent via e-mail, stored on the cloud, or shared through an intranet portal, be reasonably protected from unauthorized access by third-parties.

Would you trust your lawyer to upload the details of your case to the cloud?